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'high performance sunglasses...'

Spotters Shades are a proudly Australian owned company dedicated to developing and manufacturing polarised eyewear that exceeds people's expectations!

Spotters high performance sunglasses always live up to the challenge of providing enhanced vision when the elements are stacked up against you. Overcast lighting conditions, glare and haze interfere with normal vision. Spotters sunglasses with VCE technology restore clarity and give you a seeing edge. This makes Spotters ideally suited to fishing, snow sports, water sports, golf, hiking, mountain climbing and just about anything that requires sharper vision.

high performance sunglasses
high performance sunglasses

Why choose Spotters? Spotters give you...

  • Cutting edge VCE technology
  • Polarised Photochromic Hi-Contrast Lenses
  • Sharp Definition / Ultra Fine Pixilation Lenses
  • Transparent Mirror Coating
  • Metallic AR Coating Glass or CR39
  • 100% UV Protection
Simon Fairweather  

'spotters customised prescriptions available...'

Olympic Champion Archer Simon Fairweather admits his vision is far from 20/20, and at his fifth Olympics he was custom fitted with a pair of Spotters® optical prescription to help put things back into perspective.

Simon points out that every archer has to cope with glare and needs the ability to adjust quickly to varying light conditions with the additional problem of sighting the concentric target rings whilst compensating for windy situations.

Spotters® photochromic lens with prescription optics was his ‘answer to effective vision...’ Lens Adjusts for Low Light Conditions Lens Adjusts for High Contrast Conditions ‘Olympic Champion Simon Fairweather uses Spotters® Optical for sharper vision...’ ::: the answer to effective vision customise with prescription optics...

'Spotters® the answer to effective vision...'

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Olympic Champion Archer:
Simon Fairweather

' You don't have to be an olympic champion to enjoy the benifits of enhanced vision...'

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