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  • Fishing Magic:- Other important factors of course are how well the light is polarised to allow clearer vision through the water's surface and, of course, comfort. It doesn't matter how good the lenses if wearing them is a chore. Fortunately that's not the case with the Spotters frames I've been able to try, which include the 'Twister' the 'Zoe' and the 'Lee'. [Read More]

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    There is no doubt that polarised sun-glasses revolutionised fly fishing. Blind searching and ‘prospecting’ gave way to sight fishing and stalking. A bright sunny day has always been the ideal situation for ‘polaroiding’, but dull overcast days, shade, or twilight have often had anglers whipping sunglasses on and off in a bid to find whether the sunnies are a help or a hindrance.

    Now Spotters are available in a new, yellow photochromic polarised glass lens. Cyclists, skiers and shooters have long known the benefits of a yellow lens for enhancing contrast and brightness in low light, so a polarised version is the perfect addition to an angler’s array of weapons.

    I have owned a pair of Spotters with photochromic Penetrator lenses for a couple of years, which have been fantastic, as they actually change tint with changing light levels, but even they are a little too dark sometimes for spotting fish in shade or when it gets really dull.

    On my first fishing session with the new yellow lenses, on a slightly dirty and dark Tasmanian river, I saw and caught more than double the usual number of fish for that water. At first I thought I was just on fire, but gradually had to put it down to the fact that I was seeing fish earlier, detecting their subtle movements, spooking them less, and was able to track them until ready to cast.

    The ‘Thunder’ style frames tested gave excellent coverage and peripheral vision - another benefit for picking up slight movements that give a fish away- but on my small face, combined with the yellow lens, made me look like Ali-G (Ask a teenager). Thankfully they are available in a variety of frame designs. They are supplied with a soft cleaning cloth in a neat and very tough clam-shell case.

    The yellow lens is not a do-everything tint, but if you fish a lot in low light or dark water, or are finding shortcomings with your current sunnies, then these new Spotters would make an excellent complement to them.
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